I feel how my life is becoming easier

My Dureco floor

Smart floors for your smart home

We at ter Hürne make our floors with one aim in mind: That they are easy for you to install. That they are practical and comfortable for you in everyday life. And that they provide you with the best possible protection.

To achieve that, every ter Hürne floor holds a wealth of intelligence. We coordinate everything precisely: starting with the product structure/ the materials used and the connection technology, right through to the sealing. You can take the result as read: a smarter floor that should make your life a bit easier.

SEAL technology makes it possible

Everyone knows the little mishaps of daily life: The glass of water that drops on the floor. The dog that runs into the living room from the garden with dirty paws. Or the dripping waterproof jacket after a walk in the rain.
Our Dureco floor is well prepared for these situations.

With our SEAL technology, we ‘seal’ the floor through the interaction of different technologies. We thus prevent moisture from penetrating the inside of the floor. The most important component is the extremely dense baseboard. The denser a material is, the less water it absorbs. With our ExtremeDense technology, we have developed a wood-based carrier that resists moisture for up to 24 hours. We thus prevent swelling, and the appearance of the floor remains unaffected.

So one thing less to worry about and more time for the important things in life.

1. SmartConnect Pro

SmartConnectPro is the quick and secure click connection for a lastingly beautiful floor. The special design of the profile reduces the penetration of liquids and provides additional moisture protection.

2. ExtremeDense

ExtremeDense is the name of the technology behind the extremely high-density wood-based baseboard — the heart of dureco floor. The wood fibres are compressed together so tightly as to provide maximum protection against moisture penetration.

3. AllroundSafe

AlroundSafe protects each individual plank with a special new formula for sealing the edges, to stop moisture on the surface and bevels before it can penetrate the interior of the floor.

4. LongLifeSurface

LongLifeSurface is the protective layer which is applied to the floor surface in several steps. The floor surface gains its durability and water resistance from the addition of corundum, a natural mineral from the same family as sapphire.

We strengthen your floor with it

Corundum is a natural mineral from the sapphire family. It has a value of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale*. Only diamond, with a value of 10, has a higher hardness value.

We use this mineral for the sealing of our floors. It is part of the transparent wear layer that protects the decor image. With it, we achieve a high level of abrasion resistance.

(*A reference scale created by Friederich Mohs for determining the hardness of materials)

The whole is more than the sum of its parts
You can’t always see the smart things about our floors. The technology is concealed behind what you can see. Its robust product structure delivers the best properties for everyday life and a long service life. Our smart floors have one thing in common. They were designed to make your life easier.

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See at a glance what your floor can do: The usage class

You do not subject every floor to the same wear and tear. Entrance lobbies or office areas experience greater footfall than your bedroom. The usage class gives you guidance in choosing the right floor for the right application. 

I am interested in this

The floor that makes your life easier


Out of the sandpit or paddling pool and straight into the house. Don’t worry – your floor will take it in its stride without any damage. You can enjoy this beautiful moment.

Easy to care for

Duty follows fun. Your floor will wait patiently to be cleaned, until everyone is tired. You can even let the puddles of water wait. Enjoy life with your family to the full.


Spilled liquids, pets and the soles of your shoes transfer a wide variety of bacteria onto your floor. Your floor not only looks beautiful, it remains clean and free of pathogens, because the special surface treatment reduces the growth of bacteria. So your floor is more than clean.


Your ter Hürne floor literally relaxes. It reduces static and thus electrical discharge from the subfloor. Guaranteed not to make your hair stand on end. Dirt and balls of dust do not stick to the floor as much. You can clean it more easily.


Everyone knows the little mishaps of daily life: The glass of water that drops on the floor. The dog that runs into the living room from the garden with dirty paws. Or the dripping waterproof jacket after a walk in the rain.

Our Dureco floor is perfectly prepared for these situations. The SEAL technology protects it against standing liquids on its surface for up to 24 hours. This prevents swelling and the appearance of the floor remains unaffected.

So one thing less to worry about and more time for the important things in life.


Best friends for toasty toes

Your ter Hürne floor and the underfloor heating system make a great team.

The underfloor heating system penetrates the floor well and distributes the heat optimally in the room. The choice is yours: Whether your underfloor heating system is hot water-based or electric, your new floor will get on well with both of them. With electric underfloor heating, you should bear in mind they use gentle warm-up technology and a temperature control unit.


Child's play

Our smart connection makes laying our floors child’s play. It’s time to get to work with a hammer and a tapping block. The floorscape fits together plank by plank. Our system is so simple you can even install your floor on your own. It is secure, and the connection ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your new floor.
Benefits for you
  • Easy: virtually no tools or force required.
  • Quick: install your floor a lot faster and walk on it immediately.
  • Secure: you automatically align the individual planks correctly. This will give good results.
  • Flexible: you can install it either as a floating or a glue down installation. If you choose a floating installation, you can take up the floor as easily as you laid it.

Glue down or floating installation?

Answer: both are possible. But which is the better option depends on what is important for you. The choice is yours.


So that you can be quick and flexible

You can lay our floors as a floating installation. The individual planks are not connected to the substrate as they are with the fully bonded glue down installation. The floor is loosely laid on the substrate and ‘floats’ on it.

Benefits for you
  • You can easily install it yourself.
  • You don’t have to invest a lot of time.
  • You can walk on your floor immediately after laying it.
  • If required, you can easily remove it without leaving any residue.
  • Individual planks can be replaced relatively easily.

Your permanent connection

Our floors are suitable for glue down on to a screed. This is a job for experienced trade professionals.

Benefits for you

  • You get a better room acoustics because footfall noise is reduced.
  • Your underfloor heating system is able to fully take effect – no heat builds up between the floor covering and the substrate.
  • Your floor does not expand as much when the climate in the room changes.
  • The floor does not resonate. That protects the construction and ensures longer durability.