Moods of Provence Collection

Planks with a round bevel


Moods of Provence Collection

The afternoon sun sinks over the violet sea of fragrant lavender plants which stretch their graceful curves in lines straight as a die, almost endlessly to the horizon...

The gentle sway of lavender plants in French Provence is the inspiration for our Moods of Provence collection. The expressive surfaces processed as planks are characterised by their special round bevel. The partly planed surfaces provide even more haptic impressions.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Round bevel – for a smooth transition from plank to plank

Expressive natural wood grade – creates a vibrant floorscape

Open-pore and oiled surfaces – for a natural and healthy experience of well-being

Wide and long planks – for a spacious room effect

Healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT

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