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My well-being floor

A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside

This lovely quotation can also be applied to our home. The choice of our furnishings has a great influence on our well-being. What we see, smell, touch and most of all breathe, has an effect on us.

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Historically speaking, we come from wood. Today we are going far beyond that. All our floors have the values of naturally healthy wood.

Bernhard ter Hürne

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natural engineered hardwood flooring

This floor focuses on wood – and its healthy power of nature. Our natural engineered hardwood flooring touches your senses. You smell its light scent. You feel its pleasant warmth, when you touch the floor. It pampers your eyes and feet. And it creates a good room climate.

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SMART floors

These healthy home environment floors can withstand exceptionally high demands. You can choose between high water resistance, extreme resistance to abrasion, pressure and impacts. Many of our smart floors have a combination of these characteristics. Even years later, your floor will still look like it does today.

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