The experience of natural design

My natural engineered hardwood floor

ter Hürne Design for your well-being home

We design products for your living space. In doing this, we follow the design principle: easy to install, long-lasting in use and naturally beautiful. Our product design combines function and aesthetics.

Although there is no standard for ‘beautiful’, it is a principle that inspires us at ter Hürne. Preserve the original. Try something new. And combine the two.

Aesthetics have a deep impact on us

Beautiful is not just beautiful. When we assess something as being beautiful, it has a positive effect on the brain, so that it relaxes. That happens because we focus our attention on things that are beautiful. Negative thoughts recede into the background, at best we isolate them. This process happens unconsciously. A relaxed brain functions with less effort. If effort is reduced, we feel better.

We at ter Hürne are experts in design that supports our well-being. We have been working with nature and wood as a material for 60 years. We learned from nature for the nature in us.

Beauty is dependent on what is right and what is right must find complete expression in the best aesthetics*

*Otl Aicher, designer, from Die Welt als Entwurf, Ernst & Sohn, 1991


The character of your floor

In selecting the grade, you are making a fundamental design decision.


This harmonious grade has no knots or sapwood (with the exception of pin knots). It has a calm character, expressed through an even interplay of colours.


The character of this grade offers a balanced picture. It is created by the balanced grain, fine knots and occasional areas of sapwood.


Vibrancy is characteristic of this grade. Defined knots and a clearly visible portion of sapwood create this contrasting impression.


The spirited nature of this grade is evident in large knots, extensive colour interplay, filled cracks and a visible proportion of sapwood.


The right dimension for your sense of spaciousness

Classic timber floors have long wood components. They differ according to the formats and the laying patterns of these elements. They also differ between themselves in their length and width.


The plank represents the most traditional and original form of the wooden floor. Planks are primarily characterised by the particular length and width of the individual elements. They naturally convey the character of the different woods. A floor with a very generous feel.

3 strip

The characteristic appearance is recreated from the decks of timber ships. This floor originates historically from the Vikings and their ships. The Vikings installed their timber planks in parallel and slightly staggered. This created great stability. You can enjoy this same stability.
The 3 strip ship deck is the best known. It is characterised by three narrow, real wood strips laid in parallel. Its colours and structure plus the varying lengths of the strips create an expression from balanced, harmonious to very lively and spirited.
ter Hürne’s 3 strip engineered hardwood flooring offers you up to 60 different laying patterns with a strip length of up to 500 mm. ter Hürne’s 3 strip is thus more varied than usual.

Contura 3 strip floor

For our Contura 3 strip, we brush the slats of varying length. This creates a contemporary used look.
So that you perceive these to be clearly separate from each other, we design them with a continuous bevel on four sides – the Contura bevel.
This creates a contemporary used look for our floor. With its slight patina, it tells mysterious stories – of voyages on a Viking longship, perhaps.

Contura basket weave

The Contura bevel is also used for basket weave engineered hardwood flooring. Three long-sided slats meet two transverse elements, that are both contoured. Combined with other planks, it creates an artistic basket weave look with an impressive spatial effect.


This engineered hardwood flooring gets its name from the way the individual strips meet. The ends of the strips are at right angles to each other. This shape is reminiscent of a fish bone. If one strip meets another then it is a single herringbone pattern. If you see two strips meeting at right angles, then it’s a double herringbone pattern. The double herringbone has a somewhat denser effect, while the single herringbone is somewhat lighter.
All herringbone planks have the same profiling. There are no left-hand or right-hand planks. That makes it easier for you to install your engineered hardwood flooring. There is less waste. Together, we use wood sparingly, and it costs you less.

System plank

The system plank provides you with many variants for laying your engineered hardwood flooring. If you opt for the basket weave pattern of the system plank, your floor will develop a timeless, classically elegant allure. The optional border adds the special touch here.
All system planks have the same profiling. There are no left-hand or right-hand planks. That makes it easier for you to install your engineered hardwood flooring. There is less waste. Together, we use wood sparingly, and it costs you less.

The emphasis of the elements

The bevel is what we call the sloping edge of a plank or slat. Bevels create an indentation when they are laid. The sloping edges protect the floor, making it less susceptible to impacts. The bevel also has a decorative function: it frames every single element of the floor, making them stand out visually. The size, type and position of the bevel has a considerable influence on the visual effect of the floor.


The form of this continuous bevel on four sides resembles the letter V. Its geometrical profile forms a fine contrast to the generous format of the planks.

Contura bevel

Every single one of the long slats of varying length has a continuous bevel on all four sides. Each one clearly stands out from the next one. This creates the modern ‘used look’ of a floor that has lived for years and has acquired a slight patina.

Round bevel

Gently rounded long sides create a soft and flowing transition from plank to plank – pleasing to the eye and foot. When laid, the floor looks exceptionally balanced and harmonious. The round bevel makes each plank appear larger, thus bringing out the mature character of the wood to striking effect.

Feel what you see – see what you feel – discover nature

The secret of the expressive power of an engineered hardwood floor is the interplay of visible colours and the tactile finish of the wood. Through intense but gentle processes, classic surfaces acquire completely new identities – impressive, extraordinary and profound.

We place particular value on the interplay of what you see and what you feel. In this way, our floors enable you to have a holistic experience: Our signature for unmistakable ter Hürne floors.


Experiencing real wood also means feeling its contours. The brushing out of the soft parts of the wood intensifies the near-natural feel.


Deep brushing brings out the soft parts of the wood. This technology creates a detectable intense tactile and visible three-dimensional expression over the entire surface.

Alpin (sculptured)

The undulations of mountains and valleys makes planed surfaces a dynamic floor experience.


Every plank is unique: The slightly rounded planing blade works the wood in minimal wavy lines according to a random pattern.


Every plank is unique: The slightly rounded planing blade works the wood in minimal wavy lines according to a random pattern.

Knot finish

The special artisan handling with ingrown knots creates the impression of an oak plank that has been air-dried for many years.


Dark, powerful surfaces obtain their intensive richness due to a deep fuming of the wood.

Tension cracks finish

The stress cracks in a plank that has been laid for many years serve as a model for this manual surface treatment.


Wood species change their appearance through very special colourings, yet retain the defining appearance of their grain.


The coloured paste penetrates into the brushed-out depths of the surface. It emphasises the grain in an imaginative and contrasting way.


The fine grain of the wood reflects the fresh, light look of the limed surface.

structure brushed

We brush our engineered hardwood flooring in the direction of the fibres. Brushing removes the softer parts of the wood and emphasises the harder parts. The surface acquires a structure that you can feel. The wood appears natural, warm and rustic.


Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see

Are you wondering which surface finish is practical as well as beautiful for you?

Lacquer finish


Silky, glossy lacquers lend your floor an elegant appearance. We mainly lacquer dark wood types, such as walnut or American cherry, to further emphasise the brilliance and impression of elegance.

Matt lacquer

Matt lacquers clearly delineate the contours of the floor. They draw them out before our eyes. The surface has a silky shimmer. This image suggests a soft tactile sensation. With matt lacquer, there is a high level of light diffusion, which is why there are virtually no specular reflections on the engineered hardwood flooring.

Extra matt lacquer

Extra matt lacquer looks like oiled engineered hardwood flooring. The difference is that oil ‘brightens up’ the wood. That does not happen with an extra matt lacquer. The floor looks as though it is untreated. The natural character of the wood comes to the fore.

Natural oil

When we enhance the surface layer with oil, it ‘fires up’ the wood. That means that we emphasise the natural colours and structures of the wood. The colours are more intense and the lines and medullary rays have greater contrast.

In addition to the visual accents, the oil gives the material a natural appearance. You can feel the pores and grain under your skin, just like untreated wood. This three-dimensional picture is palpable. This method of enhancement stimulates all the senses even more if we additionally carve out the contours of the knots or cracks.

Find out, what else our oil can do:

Smart characteristics healthy living

Wood awakens the nature in you

You can distinguish wood as a living raw material according to the characteristics of how hard they are, how they look and how they smell. Would you like to know the factors that determine the stability, colours and grain of your ter Hürne natural engineered hardwood flooring?