Unique Collection

Hand-finished planks


Unique Collection

Every piece of wood, every plank, tells a story of nature. We bring them to life in our Unique collection. With various knot contours, heartwood or striking cracks, with a lot of interplay of colours or sapwood content, we grade the wood of our Unique collection for maximum individuality.
We develop the natural characteristics plank by plank and accentuate them by hand. Each plank becomes a hand-finished and valuable unique piece. For a well-being floor with incomparable design and superior appeal.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Hand-finished in our factory – for an individual interior design style with a vintage look

Impulsive natural wood grade – for an excitingly beautiful floor

Open-pore and oiled surfaces – for a natural and healthy experience of well-being

Wide and long planks – for a spacious room effect

A healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT


As if planed by hand: We lightly guide a slightly rounded planing blade in wavy lines over the plank. We do this to alter the surface, so that looks natural and feels comfortable. Follow these waves and you will not be able to resist its flattering touch.

Tension cracks finish

Wood is a living material that is permanently expanding and contracting. Stress cracks are part of the natural change. They serve as a model for us when designing these surfaces. We skilfully produce and accentuate this unique character through craftsmanship. This design element draws your eyes to look into the distance.

Knot finish

It is a natural process: wood dries in the air. Over time, the hard parts shrink less than the rest of the wood. This results in a pattern of slightly raised hills and valleys, gently reminiscent of sand dunes. We accelerate this process and manually produce an effect that normally emerges only after years. You see and feel three-dimensionally: your eyes see what your skin feels. Allow yourself to be seduced by the knot enhancement and you will be at one with nature.

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