I feel deeply relaxed

My natural engineered hardwood floor

ter Hürne floors for your healthy living environment

We create products that you come into contact with every day. They are an important part of your home. Our floors support the sense that you and your loved ones are in good hands. A healthy living environment is important in ensuring things stay that way.

At ter Hürne, we have a responsibility to create a healthy living environment for you. As such, we take it upon ourselves to equip our floors with the best possible characteristics to offer you precisely that: A healthy living environment.


Sick building syndrome

Do you feel restless and weighed down? Do you have headaches throughout the day?

It could be a case of sick building syndrome, which happens if we spend too much time indoors. Wall coverings, furniture and the floor have a constant effect on us. What we inhale is what these products have previously exhaled. We are talking about emissions here. If products contain pollutants, these evaporate over time and are released into the indoor air. Improvements in building insulation reduce the exchange between internal and external air. The pollutants remain in the room for longer.

Do you also spend a lot of time at home?

Then look for materials that are low in emissions.


The special powers in our engineered hardwood flooring

Wood is natural. It grows back. It is the most versatile and oldest construction material in the world. After a boom in of alternative materials, the love for wood is growing again. Today, we know that wood contains the healthy power of nature that has a positive effect on us. So that this power in engineered hardwood flooring continues to have an effect, we make sure that wood is not ‘badly treated’ – with heavy metals or ammonia-based compounds. We use good ingredients so that wood works the way nature created it: healthily.

Your moisture regulator

Wood absorbs the moisture in indoor air and releases it back as dry air. Conversely, wood is capable of humidifying dry indoor air. Wood breathes.

The ideal humidity for our sense of well-being is about 40–60%. That ensures well hydrated mucous membranes. And it reduces mould growth.

Your heart-calmer

Wood is good for the heart and lowers blood pressure. It stimulates the vagus nerve in the brain. This nerve protects your heart and prevents inflammation in your body.
Depending on the species, wood causes our heart to beat up to 3,500 times less during the day. That is the average number of beats it in an hour. So it works an hour less per day. A low pulse also lowers our blood pressure and thus our stress level. Our heart receives more oxygen – the substance that we need to live.


Your sleep facilitator

Wood calms the heart and pulse. This has a loosening effect on our body during sleep and helps you get a deep night's rest. We regenerate. So we get up in the morning refreshed and start the day feeling rested and relaxed.

Your back protector

Want to do something good for your back and joints? Wood reacts to our body weight by slightly giving way. We don’t notice this springiness when we walk on it. We feel a firm and solid base. We instinctively move our back and joints to protect them.

Your pathogen protection shield

Viruses and bacteria don't stand a chance. Viruses like to nestle in dry mucous membranes. Wood ensures hydrated mucous membranes. Bacteria love moist environments. Wood dries the air and the polyphenols in the wood kill them off. Wood possesses hygroscopic properties. These filter contaminants out of the indoor air and bind them.


Your house dust mites police

Synthetic fibres become electrostatically charged if shoe soles rub against them when walking. Wood is anti-static. That means wood neither attracts dust and dirt, and they don't stick to wood. Mites and germs have nowhere to live.

Your heat generator

Wood absorbs heat. It stores two to three times more heat than insulation materials. Compared to ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood flooring is significantly warmer. This cosy floor warmth travels through our feet into our body. You sweat and feel the cold less.
Wood floors do not draw heat from you like other floors: it gives you heat.

Your sound improver

Wooden surfaces absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation. Voices and sounds reach our ears clearly and without interruption. Any confusion of voices is rectified and we find it easier to listen to individual speakers.


Wood awakens the nature in you

You can distinguish wood as a living raw material according to the characteristics of hardness, appearance and smell. Would you like to know the factors that determine the stability, colours and grain of your ter Hürne natural engineered hardwood flooring?

Not a trend but an attitude!

Our father greatly appreciated nature and the influence of wood on our health. Health is our greatest asset. This value is not simply a trendy topic for us, but an attitude that we embody every day.

To keep this relevant, , 20 years ago we brought in the eco-INSTITUT. It has the highest standard in the world for testing emissions and pollutants in products. It confirms to us that our products meet all the requirements for healthy living.

Our responsibility towards our customers drives us on to constantly invest in forward-looking technology. As such, we fulfil our promise to offer you the healthiest home environment floors on the market.

20 years ago, it wasn't about promoting the eco-INSTITUT seal, which was practically unknown to customers back then. Two decades ago, as today, we only the eco-INSTITUT for one reason only: to keep you and our children's world healthy.



Naturally healthy home environment

When you hold a ter Hürne plank of engineered hardwood flooring in your hands, you are feeling pure wood.

It is important to us that the natural strength of the wood is preserved. That is why we treat and finish our wood exclusively with ingredients that enable healthy living.

Natural oil finish

When oil is applied to open-pore surfaces, it is absorbed deep into the wood. There it develops its power, that has its effect outwards. But not all oils are the same by a long way. Like any good dish, it depends on the right ingredients and quantities.

The development of our oils is something of a science. We develop our own oil formulations. We determine what we add in or leave out. An essential component of our oils can be found in many fine dishes: for example, linseed and walnut oils.

Find out, what else our oil can do:

Smart properties

Natural design

Colour pigmentation

At ter Hürne, we have been researching wood for decades by feeling, smelling and looking at it. We have developed the skill of using colour pigmentation to bring out the natural colour interplay of the wood in a restrained or even dominant way. We dissolve our pigments in pure water, so that they are evenly distributed. Of course, we also make sure that the pigments are free of heavy metals or other harmful substances.

Joiner’s glue

We use the white glue you know from model building. This is a water- based adhesive. It is safe for our craftsmen and for you.

Our adhesive also conforms to our strict healthy home environment criteria. So we healthily hold together the things that belong together.


For your safety and ours

You come into close contact with your ter Hürne floor every day. Want it to be healthy and sustainable for you and your environment? Do you need to feel safe?

So do we!

To ensure safety, we are building on third-party assessments.
These independent institutions are the warranty of our products:

Blue Angel

Blue Angel provides guidance to everyone who shops consciously and who wants to be sure the products they buy are durable, energy-efficient and healthy.
Chancellor Angela Merkel

Blue Angel has been the German government's environmental label for more than 40 years. It guarantees "high standards for the protection of our environment and health – independently and credibly," says Svenja Schulze. She was appointed Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety on 14 March 2018. Starting from the selected material through to the finished product: Blue Angel continually checks our floors throughout their entire life cycle.

That’s good for you. Good for the environment.


eco-INTITUT was established as an independent, private enterprise in the 1980s. It is one of the most experienced German laboratories in the analysis of indoor air
for pollutants. We spend up to 90% of our lives in enclosed rooms. The quality of the air in the room determines our well-being and our health.

eco-INSTITUT tests our floors

  • for the entire manufacturing process
  • for the ingredients we use
  • for harmful ingredients such as plasticizers, heavy metals and pesticides
  • for toxic gases that escape
  • for smells

The eco-label certifies products that are low in emissions. Ensuring better indoor air for you.


VOC stands for volatile organic compound. Our homes and interiors are better insulated than they used to be. This means that substances that are in materials and evaporate remain in the indoor air for longer. Some of these substances have been proved to be harmful for our health.

Originating in France, the A+ to C label serves as an indication for the emissions of building products and interior furnishing materials.

The A+ label gives you and us a secure sense of healthy indoor air.


EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. It describes the relevant characteristics of a product in terms of impact on the environment. As far as possible, this document takes into account the entire life cycle of the product.


CARB is the acronym for the California Air Resources Board. It is a government commission of the US state of California. Seit 1967 verordnet dieses Beratungsgremium besonders strenge Gesetzesvorschläge zur Luftreinhaltung.

All certified ter Hürne floors conform to this strict standard.


CE stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). With the CE mark, we declare that our products conform to all applicable EU regulations. The EU regulations comprise fire behaviour, formaldehyde emissions, VOC emissions and the presence of PCP and sustainability.

Because we need nature – and not the other way round


PEFC can thought of as the inspection agency for our forests. It monitors the relationship between the logging of trees in forests and those that are growing back to replace them. Independent experts work for this organisation worldwide. They control the whole process chain – from the raw material to the floor covering. PEFC protects our forests and preserves them for the world of our children.

Forest Stewardship Council®

The FSC® is an independent non-profit organisation. It campaigns worldwide for environmentally-friendly, sustainable and socially acceptable forest management. FSC®-certified forests and products manufactured from their wood.