I want to experience my floor virtually from my own home

My Room Studio

So you're on the safe side!

On a smartphone

With our virtual room studio you can view all of our floors in your own home. Right here and now. Simply use your smartphone. Once you are in the room studio you have two options:

  1. Take a picture of your room with your smartphone and select your preferred floor, which you can then install virtually.

  2. Select room images from our gallery and virtually install your preferred floor there.

Have fun with the virtual installation

On the laptop

With our virtual room studio you can look at all our floors from the comfort of your own home either on your laptop or desktop computer. Due to the size of the display, this is sometimes the better alternative. Just click on the room studio button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Have fun with the virtual installation

Take a picture with your camera and upload it. Or from our gallery, select room images where you want to view your preferred floor.

Choose your dream floor from our complete range, and immediately experience it as a floor surface.

Comparisons between two floors. Here is an impressive depiction of how dramatically the floor alters your room.