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Our ter Hürne laminate floor consists almost entirely of wood, so it’s plastic free and contains no harmful ingredients such as plasticizers and chlorine. It is ecologically harmless and supports a healthy home environment. This is confirmed by the Blue Angel seal and the eco-INSTITUT.

We use wood from sustainable forestry in its manufacture. From this we produce the core of your laminate floor – its baseboard.

Due to our 60 years of experience as a manufacturer of engineered hardwood flooring, we design our laminate floors with insider knowledge of natural wood. Taking wood as our model, we have created deceptively real decor designs, surface structures and formats.

Laminate floors from ter Hürne

Our laminate consists mainly of biomass. A principal component is the wood composite baseboard. This is composed of densely compacted wood fibres. Even the glue we use is largely taken from the resins present in the wood.

One cubic metre of wood stores one tonne of CO₂. It does not matter whether the wood is large or small. The biomass that we use originates from wood whose form and size render it unusable for engineered hardwood flooring or furniture. As such, we use resources which would otherwise decay over time in the forest or be used for heating. In these cases, however, the material releases the previously stored CO₂ into the atmosphere.

Our laminate floor is climate-positive. That means we use less CO₂ during its production than it stores. This is how together we make a contribution to our world.

A large proportion of waste wood is already used for laminate flooring, and board production is an important user of climatically damaged wood. Without wood baseboards, forest management caught up in climate change would be inconceivable.

Laminate is one of the few climate-positive floors and consumes very little originally managed timber.

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