The experience of natural design

My Sōya luxury vinyl floor

ter Hürne Design for your well-being home

We design products for your living space. In doing this, we follow the design principle: easy to install, long-lasting in use and naturally beautiful. Our product design combines function and aesthetics.

Although there is no standard for ‘beautiful’, it is a principle that inspires us at ter Hürne. Preserve the original. Try something new. And combine the two.

The look of the decor

Unlike real wood floors, design floors have a decor. That is why we also call our smart floors design or decor floors. Wood or stone decors are based on the original material. The more precise the reproduction, the more authentic the effect. Form, colour and depth effect play important roles in creating a decor. A designer needs in-depth knowledge of the properties of the material to depict the decor to perfection. This includes everything from the wood species and manual craft techniques to the processing of the material. Once a design has been finalised, we print it on to the decor carrier using state-of-the-art technologies. That could mean printing on to wood fibre, vinyl or directly on to the baseboard as with the Avatara design floor.

All ter Hürne decor floors embody over 60 years’ experience in wood processing and craftsmanship. You can see and feel this expertise.

When developing the design for our decors, we draw on our experience with wood. It is only when you understand the original in all its facets that you are able to design decors that are fascinatingly natural.

Nadine Lensing

Product Manager


Feel the difference – experience nature

fine brushed

plane-marked brushed


brushed 1

brushed 2

brushed 3

strongly brushed 1

strongly brushed 2

strongly brushed 3

strongly brushed 4

deep brushed 1

deep brushed 2

deep pore structured

fine structured (Stone)

coarse structured (Stone)

natural brut (Stone)

miniperl 1 (Stone)

miniperl 2 (Stone)

The right dimension for your sense of spaciousness

Classic timber floors comprise long wooden elements. They differ according to the formats and the laying patterns of these elements. They also differ between themselves in their length and width.

Pro – Short Plank

Pro – plank

Pro – Tile

Comfort – Planks

Comfort – long planks

Perform – plank

Perform – long planks

Perform – tile

Solid – plank

Solid – tile


The emphasis of the elements

The groove is what we call the sloping edge of a plank or slat. They create an indentation when they are laid. The sloping edges protect the floor, making it less susceptible to impacts. The groove also has a decorative function: it frames every single element of the floor, making them stand out visually. The size, type and position of the bevel has a considerable impact on the visual effect of the floor.