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My Sōya luxury vinyl floor

The comfort floor with the strength of the soya bean

Our luxury vinyl floors let you live life to the full. It contains the healthy power of the soya bean, which has a positive effect on your room climate.

Unlike conventional vinyl floors made from PVC, we do not use plasticizers, that contain harmful pfthalates. To make our luxury vinyl flooring elastic, we use a natural bio-based plasticizer oil obtained from the soya bean, so that it meets all the criteria for low-emission living.

Walking on our luxury vinyl flooring is a pleasant quiet and soft experience. But it is as tough as nails. Its robust nature is invisible. It is hidden in the material and in its smart construction. And it makes virtually no difference what happens to it. Water, dirt, dogs’ paw marks, it takes them all in its stride. It is easy to care for and get clean in next to no time. At the same time, it remains as laid back as you are.

3 in 1 - System

Ein Design, drei smarte Möglichkeiten

The professional


Pro luxury vinyl flooring is 2.5 mm thick. A professional glues it directly to the subfloor. Due to its low installation height, the floor is ideally suited for refurbishments. Thanks to the adhesive bonding and its water-repellent properties, your floor offers exceptional performance, especially in humid rooms such as the bathroom.

The comfortable one


Comfort luxury vinyl flooring is the 9 mm thick, multi-layered built-up floor with a wood core. It is ideal for lovers of wood, who do not want to forego the robust qualities of a design floor. You will find it is easy to install, thanks to its click connection. The baseboard hides any irregularities in the substrate. Its impact sound insulation made from natural cork makes it extra comfortable.

The Performer


Perform luxury vinyl flooring is a 6 mm thick, multilayer powerhouse for all eventualities. Thanks to its rigid and plasticizer-reduced baseboard, it is ready for use anywhere and is not afraid of water. You can lay it yourself as a floating installation, or have it glued down by a professional. Whether your project is a new build or a refurbishment, you can't go wrong with PERFORM.


The future of Luxury Vinyl Tiles:
Sōya – New Generation

Sōya Pro — der Profi 

Design-Vinylboden Sōya Pro ist vollkommen elastisch und damit für die Profiverklebung konzipiert. Durch den Verklebeverbund von Produkt und Baukörper ergeben sich nicht nur perfekte Ergebnisse in Puncto Gehkomfort und Schallsicherheit, sondern auch bei der Wasserfestigkeit.

Sōya Solid — der Solide 

Design-Vinylboden Sōya Solid ist mit einer Rigid Trägerplatte ausgestattet. In Verbindung mit der Dekor- und Nutzschicht entsteht ein robuster, stabiler Boden mit hohem Gebrauchswert. Die rückseitige synthetische Gehschallausstattung bietet Komfort und angenehme Akustik. Solid bietet vollständige Wasserfestigkeit und wird schwimmend verlegt.

Sōya Comfort SEAL — der wasserbeständige Komfortable

Design-Vinylboden Sōya Comfort SEAL ist für die komfortable Verlegung konzipiert. Dank des smarten Klicksystems freuen sich selbst ungeübte Hobbyhandwerker über tolle Verlege-Ergebnisse. Die elastische Deckschicht in Kombination mit Gehschall aus Kork bietet überzeugenden Gehkomfort und eine gute Laufakustik. Comfort Seal erfüllt die Nalfa-Anforderung (Wasserbeständigkeit 24h) und wird schwimmend verlegt. 

Guaranteed in every single plank

One decor — three methods of construction

The appropriate technical solution for every construction situation

healthy living

Use of organic plasticizers made from soya bean oil


Protects the surface and the decor image through an extra thick wear layer


Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid environments (except the Comfort design)

smartly built

Intelligent click connection for simple installation (except Pro version)

We soften it: organically

The vinyl floor has many names. Whether you call it a design floor or luxury vinyl flooring, they share one thing in common: their main component is PVC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a plastic that needs plasticizers. Without these substances, the floor would be brittle and hard. These evaporate, however, and are harmful to our health.

We face the challenge of solving the plasticizer problem, because controversial plasticizers do not fit in with our corporate values: our floors are good for your well-being and for your environment. We have found the smart solution in the soya bean. The oil from these beans replaces traditional plasticizers, and performs their function superbly: your ter Hürne luxury vinyl flooring is soft and quiet to walk on. It is also warm and unbelievably hard-wearing.
One thing was clear to us right from the beginning: there will only be luxury vinyl tiles from ter Hürne if we are able to produce them free of harmful phthalates.

Bernhard ter Hürne


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