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My Sōya luxury vinyl floor

Smart floors for your smart home

We at ter Hürne make our floors with one aim in mind: That they are easy for you to install. That they are practical and comfortable for you in everyday life. And that they provide you with the best possible protection.

To achieve that, every ter Hürne floor holds a wealth of intelligence. We coordinate everything precisely: starting with the product structure/ the materials used and the connection technology, right through to the sealing. You can take the result as read: a smarter floor that should make your life a bit easier.

Cork: the multi-talented natural material

What is cork, anyway?

You know cork from the cork in your wine bottle. Its special properties make it ideal for this purpose, and have done so for centuries. Cork is a natural product, that we get from the bark of the cork oak. These unique trees usually live to be over 200 years old.

Cork also proves its strengths on the floor. It is light, elastic, water-resistant and muffles noise. That makes it ideal as a stabilising layer and for impact sound insulation.

ter Hürne luxury vinyl flooring is equipped with integrated cork impact sound insulation. We combine the special properties of a design floor with those of cork. This will save you time when laying your floor and create pleasing acoustics in your room.

Our primary objective in product development is to ensure that every product we create is as natural and healthy as possible. If we add value through natural ingredients, then we have achieved our goal. The cork impact sound insulation for our luxury vinyl floors is a good example of this.

Nadine Lensing

Product Manager

3 in 1 - System

One design, three smart options

1 | PRO

The professional

Pro luxury vinyl flooring is 2.5 mm thick. A professional glues it directly to the subfloor. Due to its low installation height, the floor is ideally suited for refurbishments. Thanks to the adhesive bonding and its water-repellent properties, your floor offers exceptional performance, especially in s humid environments such as the bathroom.

The professional
More than the sum of its parts.

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The comfortable one

Comfort luxury vinyl flooring is the 9 mm thick, multi-layered built-up floor with a wood core. It is ideal for lovers of wood, who do not want to forego the robust qualities of a design floor. You will find it is easy to install, thanks to its click connection. The baseboard hides any irregularities in the substrate. Its natural cork impact sound insulation makes it extra comfortable.

The comfortable one
More than the sum of its parts.

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The Performer

Perform luxury vinyl flooring is the 6 mm thick, multilayer powerhouse for all eventualities. Thanks to its rigid and plasticizer-reduced baseboard, it is ready for use anywhere and is not afraid of water. You can lay it yourself as a floating installation, or have it glued down by a professional. Whether your project is a new build or a refurbishment, you can't go wrong with PERFORM.

The Performer
More than the sum of its parts.

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Further development

With Sōya New Generation, the bio-based design vinyl flooring with the power of the soybean, ter Hürne now offers you a very consumer-friendly further development for vinyl flooring:
Our new SPC programme SOLID with a wear layer thickness of 0.55 mm, as a proven 3-in-1 system and the associated Comfort product variant is now also designed to be water-resistant in accordance with the NALFA requirement - with the performance features defined at ter Hürne under the term "SEAL".

For the comfortable choice - water resistant
More than the sum of its parts.

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The strong floor - Solid
More than the sum of its parts.

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See at a glance what your floor can do: The usage class

You do not subject every floor to the same wear and tear. Entrance lobbies or office areas experience greater footfall than your bedroom. The usage class gives you guidance in choosing the right floor for the right application.

I am interested in this

The floor that makes your life easier


Out of the sandpit or paddling pool and straight into the house. Don’t worry – your floor will take it in its stride without any damage. You can enjoy this beautiful moment.

Easy to care for

Duty follows fun. Your floor will wait patiently to be cleaned, until everyone is tired. You can even let the puddles of water wait. Enjoy life with your family to the full.

Quiet underfoot

Romping, jumping and running: Your design floor is flexible and reduces the sounds of running and movement. Overall, it creates a quiet atmosphere in the room. That has a calming effect on you and our family.


Your ter Hürne floor literally relaxes. It reduces static and thus electrical discharge from the subfloor. Guaranteed not to make your hair stand on end. Dirt and balls of dust do not stick to the floor as much. You can clean it more easily.

Soft walking sensation

You will enjoy a pleasant walking experience in shoes or barefoot. Because your ter Hürne floor gives slightly, it is gentle on your joints and those of your family.


When things get wet

The wet towel remains unnoticed on the floor. Something goes wrong when you're watering the flowers. Little mishaps occur. Sometimes you don’t even notice them.

Our Pro and Perform luxury vinyl floors are waterproof. Standing liquids do not penetrate the floor. So you can also use Pro and Perform in humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom.


With additional make-me-quieter function

How it greatly contributes to well-being: When the impact sound is muffled, reverberation is reduced and high frequencies are no longer so piercing. You will be happy and your neighbours will be grateful.

With ordinary design floors, you also have to provide the insulation. Cork impact sound insulation is already incorporated in our Comfort and Perform luxury vinyl floors. It is very effective and ensures a calm room atmosphere.


The most pleasing harmony is created by bringing together opposites

The mark of a properly installed floor is the flawless way the planks join with each other. Otherwise, unsightly joints will subsequently appear in the installed floor, spoiling its appearance.


Child's play

Now, you can see your new floor in the room and move about on it.

Laying our floors is child’s play with the smart connection system. You connect the long sides of the planks by angling them in. On the short sides of the planks, the head ends, our patented door lock principle ensures a secure connection: The head ends of the planks click together with only light pressure. The integral tongue makes this connection permanently stable.
Benefits for you
  • Easy: virtually no tools or force required.
  • Quick: install your floor a lot faster and walk on it immediately.
  • Secure: you automatically align the individual planks correctly. This will give you good results.
  • Flexible: the floating installation means you can easily dismantle your floor again.

Just as easy

Installing our floors is child’s play with our smart connection. It’s time to get to work with a hammer and a tapping block. The floorscape fits together plank by plank. Our system is so simple you can even install your floor on your own. It is secure, and the connection ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your new floor.
Benefits for you
  • Easy: virtually no tools or force required. 
  • Quick: you can install your floor a lot faster and walk on it immediately. 
  • Secure: you automatically align the individual planks correctly. This will give you good results. 
  • Flexible: you can install it either as a floating or a glue down installation. If you choose a floating installation, you can take up the floor as easily as you laid it.

Glue down or floating installation?

Answer: both are possible. But which is the better option depends on what is important for you. The choice is yours.


So that you can be quick and flexible

You can lay our floors as a floating installation. The individual planks are not connected to the substrate as they are with the fully bonded glue down installation. The floor is loosely laid on the substrate and ‘floats’ on it.

Benefits for you
  • You can easily install it yourself.
  • You don’t have to invest a lot of time.
  • You can walk on your floor immediately after laying it.
  • If required, you can easily remove it without leaving any residue.
  • Individual planks can be replaced relatively easily.

Your permanent connection

Our floors are suitable for glue down on to a screed. This is a job for experienced trade professionals.

Benefits for you

  • You get a better room acoustics because footfall noise is reduced.
  • Your underfloor heating system is able to fully take effect – no heat builds up between the floor covering and the substrate.
  • Your floor does not expand as much when the climate in the room changes.
  • The floor does not resonate. That protects the construction and ensures longer durability.


Best friends for toasty toes

Your ter Hürne floor and the underfloor heating system make a great team.

The underfloor heating system penetrates the floor well and distributes the heat optimally in the room. The choice is yours: Whether your underfloor heating system is hot water-based or electric, your new floor will get on well with both of them. With electric underfloor heating, you should bear in mind they use gentle warm-up technology and a temperature control unit.