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Smart floors from ter Hürne


Floors with special requirements

These healthy home environment floors can withstand exceptionally high demands.

You can choose between high water resistance, extreme resistance to abrasion, pressure and impacts. Many of our smart floors have a combination of these characteristics. Years later your floor will still look like it does today.

Want to experience a realistic-looking floor, that lets you sit back and relax?

Design floors made from smart materials


As natural as wood, as relaxed as a design floor

Avatara combines the naturalness of a real wood floor with the practical characteristics of a next-generation design floor.

Want the individuality and the practical benefits of a design floor, but free of PVC?


The comfort floor with the strength of the soya bean

Our luxury vinyl floors let you live life to the full. It contains the healthy power of the soya bean, which has a positive effect on your room climate.

Want a floor that can really take the strain, that is waterproof, easy to care for, quiet and much more?

Smart floors from sustainable materials


The plastic-free water stop floor

Our Dureco floor combines two polar opposites. On the one hand, it is made almost entirely from wood. On the other, it repels water very consistently.

Do you like sustainable materials, and need a floor that's pretty resistant – particularly to water?

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The eco-floor with the soul of wood

Our ter Hürne laminate floor consists almost entirely of wood. So it’s plastic free and contains no harmful ingredients such as plasticizers and chlorine.

Do you like sustainable materials and are you looking for a floor for everyday use?