Grand Velvet Collection

Lacquered planks


Grand Naturals Collection

Generous and diverse – these qualities characterise the planks in our Grand Velvet collection. The surfaces are made of various timber species, ranging in grades from even to expressive, and are mainly matt lacquered.

You will sense a pleasant, velvety feel, while reflections are reduced. The shades of the Grand Velvet planks are understated, ranging from deep brown through soft grey to crystal white. Perfect floors for almost any home design. Your ter Hürne Grand Velvet engineered hardwood flooring is simple to live with due to its extra layer of lacquer.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Lacquered surfaces in several layers – for better protection

Planks – for a spacious room effect

Varied natural wood grade – for a restful to vibrant floorscape

Wood species in colourways from light to dark – for a wide range of design options

Healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT

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