Pride of Nature Collection

Oil-treated 3 strip floors


Pride of Nature Collection

Wind and weather, storm and calm, light and shadow - we combine nature's many facets in the Pride of Nature collection of classic 3 strip floors. The characterful grade shows the structure of the wood to perfection, accentuated by intensive brushing. We treat all surfaces in this collection with natural oils. That allows the entire spectrum of the colours of the wood – the Pride of Nature – to shine through. This wood breathes deeply and possesses all the healing power of the wood. When laid, these multifaceted 3 strip floors create a spirited floor aesthetic.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Open-pore and oiled surfaces – for a natural and healthy experience of well-being

3 strip – for a spirited room effect

Varied natural wood grade – for a restful to vibrant floorscape

Wood species in colourways from light to dark – for a wide range of design options

Healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT

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