Contours Collection

Contoured 3 strip & basket weave


Contours Collection

The specially bevelled versions in our Contours collection create distinctive floorscapes. The skilful use of the Contura bevel accentuates individual elements and creates a fabulous interplay of light.
The intensive brushing and treatment with natural oils additionally accentuates the naturalness of the surfaces. The result is high-contrast accents for an architecturally elegant floor ambience. You room looks stylish. Your eyes follow the dance of the light.

Contura 3 strip

For our Contura 3 strip, we brush the slats of varying length. This creates a contemporary used look. So that you perceive these clearly separate from each other, we design them with a continuous bevel on four sides – the Contura bevel. This creates a contemporary used look for our floor.

Contura basket weave

The Contura bevel is also used for basket weave engineered hardwood flooring. Three long-sided slats meet two transverse elements, that are both contoured. Combined with other planks, it creates an artistic basket weave look with an impressive spatial effect.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Hand-finished in our factory – for an individual interior design style with a vintage look

Impulsive natural wood grade – for an excitingly beautiful floor

Open-pore and oiled surfaces – for a natural and healthy well-being experience

Wide and long planks – for a spacious room effect

Healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT

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