Satin Elements Collection

Lacquered 3 strip


Satin Elements Collection

For our Satin Elements collection, we have put together a selection of 3 strip floors with lacquered, well-proportioned surfaces from various species of wood with balanced to expressive gradings. With Satin Elements, we offer you a 3 strip engineered hardwood floor graded from balanced to expressive. When you install your floor, Satin Elements creates a harmonious floorscape with a classic luxurious look. ter Hürne 3 strip floors are unique due to their special production technology. This allows you to arrange the slats in over 60 different patterns. With a strip length of up to 500 mm, they are significantly longer and more diverse than is usual for a 3 strip floor.

That’s what makes the collection so unique

Lacquered surfaces in several layers – for better protection

3 strip – for a spirited room effect

Varied natural wood grade – for a restful to vibrant floorscape

Wood species in colourways from light to dark – for a wide range of design options

Healthy home environment – certified by Blue Angel and the respected eco-INSTITUT

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