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My Sōya luxury vinyl floor

ter Hürne floors for your healthy living environment

We create products that you come into contact with every day. They are an important part of your home. Our floors support the sense that you and your loved ones are in good hands. A healthy living environment is important in ensuring things stay that way.

At ter Hürne, we have a responsibility towards you for a healthy living environment. As such, we take it upon ourselves to equip our floors with the best possible characteristics to offer you precisely that: a healthy living environment.


Sick building syndrome

Do you feel restless and weighed down? Do you have headaches throughout the day?

It could be a case of sick building syndrome, which happens if we spend too much time indoors. Wall coverings, furniture and the floor have a constant effect on us. What we inhale is what these products have previously exhaled. We are talking about emissions here. If products contain pollutants, these evaporate over time and are released into the indoor air. Improvements in building insulation reduce the exchange between internal and external air. The pollutants remain in the room for longer.

Do you also spend a lot of time at home?

Then look for materials that are low in emissions.


The materials we use make it possible

We use a plant-based plasticizer for our luxury vinyl flooring. We obtain it from an oil also used in the food industry – soya bean oil.

Bio-based soya bean oil provides our floors with the best properties. They are soft, pleasantly elastic and unobtrusively quiet, while remaining robust and durable.

The power of the soya bean makes your luxury vinyl flooring particularly low-emission and gives you a feeling of security.

More than just clean

Spilled liquids, pets and the soles of your shoes transfer a wide variety of bacteria onto your floor.

Your floor not only looks beautiful, it remains clean and free of pathogens, because the special surface treatment reduces the growth of bacteria.

So your floor is more than clean.


Not a trend but an attitude!

Our father greatly appreciated nature and the influence of wood on our health. Health is our greatest asset. This value is not simply a trendy topic for us, but an attitude that we embody every day.

To keep this relevant, , 20 years ago we brought in the eco-INSTITUT. It has the highest standard in the world for testing emissions and pollutants in products. It confirms to us that our products meet all the requirements for healthy living.

Our responsibility towards our customers drives us on to constantly invest in forward-looking technology. As such, we fulfil our promise to offer you the healthiest home environment floors on the market.

20 years ago, it wasn't about promoting the eco-INSTITUT seal, which was practically unknown to customers back then. Two decades ago, as today, we only the eco-INSTITUT for one reason only: to keep you and our children's world healthy.


For your safety and ours

You come into close contact with your ter Hürne floor every day. Want it to be healthy and sustainable for you and your environment? Do you need to feel safe?

So do we!

To ensure safety, we are building on third-party assessments.

These independent institutions are the warranty of our products:


CARB is the acronym for the California Air Resources Board. It is a government commission of the US state of California. Seit 1967 verordnet dieses Beratungsgremium besonders strenge Gesetzesvorschläge zur Luftreinhaltung.

All certified ter Hürne floors conform to this strict standard.


VOC stands for volatile organic compound. Our homes and interiors are better insulated than they used to be. This means that substances that are in materials and evaporate remain in the indoor air for longer. Some of these substances have been proved harmful to our health.

Originating in France, the A+ to C label serves as an indication for the emissions of building products and interior furnishing materials.

The A+ label gives you and us a secure sense of healthy indoor air.


FloorScore® is the internationally recognised label for the limitation of indoor air emissions.

This label is only given to products that do not release any harmful compounds.


GREENGUARD is a globally recognised standard for the labelling of low-emission products. The product certification is part of the independent organisation Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Products with the GREENGUARD GOLD status are considered to be particularly low in emissions.


HPD stands for Health Product Declaration. With the HPD, we set out all the materials that we use in our luxury vinyl flooring. We do this for a good reason.

Because the HPD enables building designers to collect points in the LEED system for low-emission construction.